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This blog is all that remains from the former www. During which time they have made links with British criminals, including the so-called ‘Liverpool Mafia’, the ‘Irish Godfather’, Christy Kinahan, Albanian organised criminals, Asian crime families, Chinese Snakehead gangs and the street gangs within the boroughs of Hackney and Haringey. They have been responsible for numerous murders, the majority of which are unsolved, and have harboured some of the world’s largest drug traffickers. Extortion and protection rackets, human and contraband smuggling and the availability of heavy firearms is why they might possibly be viewed as London’s own answer to the Mafia. Introduction There are three groups of people from the transcontinental country of Turkey currently present in north east London Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest: Turkish, Turkish Cypriot and Kurdish, each having their own cultural aspects and patterns of settlement within this part of London. The commercial structure built by a majority of law abiding immigrants however has enabled the criminal element to flourish. From here on, all references and uses of the terms Turkish criminals, Turkish Mafia or Turkish Organised Crime is to describe a small sector of the three aforementioned groups that are reportedly involved in crime which is arguably organised [ii]. Early Murders Like many criminal networks that have existed within the United Kingdom, the authorities did not become involved or publicly acknowledge criminality within the Turkish, Turkish Cypriot and Kurdish communities of north east London until murders began to occur in this area. Two days later they did.

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Share via Email This article is over 3 years old The Cypriot embassy in Athens absorbed the full impact of the blast, according to its ambassador. The blast, triggered by a timer attached to the device, did not cause injuries but immediately raised concerns over security in Athens. In a country labouring under its worst economic crisis for decades , security forces fear a barrage of similar incidents may be in the offing.

Mary Bossi, a professor of international security, told the Guardian:

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At that time, the members of both groups still co-habited in mixed villages and cities and purely Greek or Turkish villages were few. In the majority of cases, neighbours lived together in peace and celebrated their festivals together. Then the events of split the island, and the two communities have not lived with each other for over 30 years.

Nevertheless, the two communities still have a lot of things in common: Visitors have no trouble communicating in English due to the fact that Cyprus was a British colony from until , and even today the British maintain military bases on the island. While you can get by this way, the ability and willingness to say even a few words in Greek will definitely be warmly welcomed and may “upgrade” your status from a simple touristas or tourist to a more honourable xenos, which means foreigner or traveller.

This means that people from Greece often find it hard to understand a conversation among Greek Cypriots. Greek is not an easy language. The grammar is complicated with nouns divided into three genders, all with different ending cases in the singular and plural, and adjectives that have to agree with these in gender, number and case. Then comes the verbs which are even more complex; they come in passive and active voices, in two conjugations, and so on.

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CYPRIOT AMERICANS. by Olivia Miller. Overview. The Republic of Cyprus is an inland country about the size of Connecticut, measuring 3, square miles (9, square kilometers). Located at the crossroads of the Levant, as the eastern end of the Mediterranean is known, Cyprus is the third-largest island in Mediterranean, after Sicily and d kilometers north of Egypt,

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The new Greek invasion in London. London has been home to rich Greeks for decades. King George II of Greece lived in Brown’s Hotel while in exile in the Thirties and during the Second World War – ‘The most important tool for a king of Greece is a suitcase,’ he joked at the time.

Etymology A copper mine in Cyprus. In antiquity, Cyprus was a major source of copper. The etymology of the name is unknown. It has been suggested, for example, that it has roots in the Sumerian word for copper zubar or for bronze kubar , from the large deposits of copper ore found on the island. The terms Cypriote and Cyprian are also used, though less frequently. Prehistoric Cyprus and Ancient history of Cyprus Archeologic site of Choirokoitia with early remains of human habitation during Aceramic Neolithic period reconstruction The earliest confirmed site of human activity on Cyprus is Aetokremnos , situated on the south coast, indicating that hunter-gatherers were active on the island from around 10, BC , [42] with settled village communities dating from BC.

The arrival of the first humans correlates with the extinction of the dwarf hippos and dwarf elephants. The revolt was suppressed, but Cyprus managed to maintain a high degree of autonomy and remained oriented towards the Greek world.

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By doing so the Cypriots were 1. Archaeological findings It is believed that the wine-making process was introduced to Greece from Asia. However, the excavations of Cypriot archeologist Porfyrios Dikaios in , brought to light new archaeological findings that overturned this belief. In the area of Erimi Limassol District , Cypriot wine vases have found. The chemical substances found in them led directly to the conclusion that wine was kept in them.

The “Green Line” which keeps the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot inhabitants of Nicosia apart. Cypriots outside Turkish Embassy in Belgave Square London on 34th anniversary of Turkish invasion into Cyprus The Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries on the island of Crete, dating back to around During the Greek Revolution.

The charming brick town houses co-exist with sprawling Council Estates that appear on the news frequently for all the wrong reasons. Housing Housing in Camberwell is well known for being marginally cheaper than in the trendy Shoreditch and Hackney, and makes a good alternative for those for those interested in the thriving arts and music scene.

However, it must be noted that Camberwell is not cheap as such and is growing in price all the time. This seems probable and those considering a move may well wish to consider this as the next creative boom area. Pubs, Clubs and Entertainment Denmark Hill station is home to the Phoenix Pub featuring an original old iron stair case, a station clock, and a plethora of fine ales. The pub is a sign that this is an area on the rise.

Camberwell includes a number of charming pubs home to an arty crowd with taste for ale, wine and conversation. The George Canning, just a stones throw from The Phoenix is a fine example of this. Trendier bars line Camberwell Church Street, the main artery road running through Camberwell towards Peckham. Across the road a Jazz Club operates from the Crypt of St.

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Rating Newest Oldest Best Answer: The Cypriots are part of the Greek nation. There are differences in dialect and other differences in society because of the different historical evolution of Cyprus but Greece’s regions have a different evolution in history also, for example the Ionian islands had a different evolution than Macedonia. Difference influences but still Greek, one of the few nations on earth with constant Hellenic language, civilization and population, inside and outside Greece for the last years, even under the rule of uncivilized barbarians.

Do you know many others to compare to that? The greatest difference between mainland Greeks and Greek Cypriots is the dialect but keep in mind that even in Ancient Greece there were different Greek dialects.

figures dating from the late 7th century onwards that have been found in the site’s Greek sanctuaries. Indeed, it was the discovery of a Cypriot The chronologies developed for Cypriot figures in the past have often been very precise, dating pieces to a specific decade (Fig. 3) However, recent.

Twitter Now the mystery is solved: Mr Innes’s sister confirmed it was her brother in a tweet and friends from the University of York also recognised him. Only Ben could get a selfie! He was a big rugby guy and very into his banter and didn’t have much respect for authority. His mother, Pauline Innes, was less keen to discuss but pointed out the photograph was not a selfie. He’s in it but he’s not taking it. Seif Eldin Mustafa was branded an “idiot” by the Egyptian foreign ministry after he seized control of the Alexandra-Cairo flight and had it diverted to Cyprus, where he issued a string of bizarre demands.

In addition to asking for a letter to be passed on to his ex-wife, Mustafa reportedly called for the release of several female prisoners in Egypt and asked for political asylum in Cyprus. Shout out to the guy who asked for a selfie mid-hijack. That’s above and beyond a funeral selfie. More than 80 people were on the plane, Egypt’s civil aviation ministry said, three of them reportedly British citizens.

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Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean that was divided into a Greek southern side and a Turkish northern side after a coup instigated by the dictatorship ruling Greece in and a subsequent Turkish military offensive. Interethnic violence had earlier caused the partial separation of the two communities. With a Greek majority of around 77 percent of the population at the time of independence in , many people regard Cyprus as part of the wider Greek culture. Although the island became part of the Byzantine Empire in the fourth century, it was part of the Ottoman Empire from to and had an The island is close to Turkey, Syria, and Egypt.

The island appears barren and yellow in the long summertime and greener in the winter, with carob and olive trees along with pine forests on the mountains. The centrally located capital, Nicosia called Lefkosia by Greek Cypriots and Lefkosha by Turkish Cypriots , is divided and functions as the capital of each side. In , the island emerged as an independent state after almost a century of British colonial rule.

Cypriot Andreas Stavrou Elia (London, UK Oct 5, 2014)