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VirginiaLynne is a homeowner who likes to share her creative ideas for home renovation and home maintenance tips. Source When a Washing Machine Floods: Water all over the floor?

How to Install a Kitchen Sink. Learn to install a new kitchen sink with our easy-to-follow video and guide. In just a few steps, you can breathe new life into your kitchen. than the unit it will replace, you may need to modify the countertop opening and / or plumbing. Good to Know.

You don’t want to find burst pipes come spring! To drain the water from your RV, you’ll need to open what’s called the “petcock. You should also flush both tanks at this time. If your RV does not come equipped with a built-in system, you should clean the tanks out with a wand or a product designed to clean both of the tanks. Take all the tanks’ contents to your local dump station.

That includes those for the sinks, toilet and shower. If you don’t, air can’t come out the other end! Flush your toilets a few times to make sure all the water’s gone! This is commonly known as a “blowout plug. Technically, it’s attached to the “Water Intake Fitting.

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Both must be connected for the kitchen sink to be functional. The water supply connects the faucet to the home’s hot and cold water lines. The drain pipes carry the waste water from the sink through the home’s drain system and into the sewers. Connecting the plumbing under a kitchen sink can be done in two to three hours, even for a novice. Place a nut from the kit over the flanged end of the shorter piece of straight pipe from the kit.

Insert a gasket on the pipe in front of the nut with the flanged end of the gasket pointing toward the end of the pipe.

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Both kitchen and bath sinks operate very similarly; the main difference is that kitchen sinks are designed to be hooked up to more fixtures than a faucet, such as a water filter, a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher. Most bathroom sinks just have a faucet and a drain. A garbage disposal, if there is one, mounts directly to a special strainer body. See How a Garbage Disposal Works.

For more information, see Bathroom Sink Plumbing. Underneath the sink, a rubber gasket, metal washer, and large locknut or retainer tightens the body to the sink. A straight tailpiece mounts to the strainer body with a threaded coupling. Slip-joint couplings connect the tailpiece, the main parts of a drain trap, and a short threaded nipple at a tee in the drainpipe. At the wall or the back of the cabinet, a trim piece called an escutcheon hides the connector and the nipple.

Waste water exits through the trap and down the vented drainpipe to the main stack. What Is a Sink Trap? A sink trap is a J-shaped pipe beneath a sink, designed to trap noxious sewer gases before they enter the house.

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Corroded or leaky faucet? Here are some of the popular brands we service Garbage Disposals If your garbage disposal doesn’t work or makes a funny noise try dumping ice in the deposal to clean and sharpen blades. If you are still experiencing a problem give us a call.

When remodeling a bathroom or kitchen or building new, you will have to decide between putting in a standard drop in sink or an undermount sink.

Each one has its advantages and you will have to decide which one is right for your application. Undermount Kitchen Sink -The advantages that an undermount sink has over a drop in sink are that it has a very nice and clean look with no edges protruding above the counter. It is also very easy to keep clean for this reason.

When wiping off the counter you can just swipe any water or crumbs right over the edge and into the undermount sink. The disadvantages of this sink on the other hand are that you can not install it onto any counter but typically solid surfaces such as granite. They are also more difficult to install and a little more expensive.


It is designed to both dump your RV waste and to flush your waste system with clean water. The SewerSolution pump and hose are completely self-cleaning! We all share the problem of sewage disposal when on the road.

hookup of kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher. hookup of kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher. Visit. Discover ideas about Under Sink Plumbing “DIY SMART SAW: Saw this photo of a kitchen sink plumbing and couldnt resist sharing.” “A small amount of knowledge about plumbing can save you big money. You might have given it some.

Get help Kitchens have a lot of potential plumbing problems: Sometimes you really need to call a plumber when you have kitchen plumbing problems. Other times, you may be able to fix the problem yourself. Simple Solutions to Five Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems Problems with faucets are usually solved by disassembling the faucet or part of it and replacing parts such as seals or washers.

If you have the faucet installed as part of a new kitchen, for example, keep the instruction manual so that you can see what kind of faucet it is and how to disassemble it. You can get a faucet repair kit from most hardware stores or home centers.

Five Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Water backing up into the garbage disposal and then the sink is generally caused by food that is left in the disposal. If you leave food particles in the disposal and then forget about them without grinding them up and then sending them through the drain pipes with a good amount of cold water, these food particles will clog up your drainage system.

Since the dishwasher and the garbage disposal share the same drainage pipes,you will have plumbing problems in the kitchen if you do not make sure that food particles from the disposal are cleared before using the dishwasher. When it is time to run the dishwasher, many people are tired after work and having dinner.

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Check Prices On Amazon Ideally, professionals install the drum trap in a place with easy access. This way, you can remove the cover to clean. In other cases, people have it hard to remove the cover which fused together by time. Therefore, when drum traps stop, they are extremely difficult to clear by rodding. Drum traps existed so that people could find jewelry or valuables if lost down the drain. The trap would catch and guard the ring or earring by sinking to the bottom.

The likelihood that a valuable would flow into the waste opening at the top of the trap is highly unlikely. A sand trap also helps to separate sand and oxidized organics found in water supplies. What Is a Building Trap?

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It features a cross grid at the drain opening to prevent large objects from falling into the drain and a removable strainer so can you keep the drain clear of small food items. A double kitchen sink, on the other hand, is the double sink you find in many kitchens. You only need one P-trap to hook up a double sink to a drain, and you route the pipes according to the placement of the wall drain. Installing a Dual Drain 1 Disassemble the drain kit it by unscrewing the locknut from the bottom of the strainer.

Remove the locknut and rubber washer.

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Either way, those old sinks can have a great new life in the potting shed, backyard, or garage as a utility sink. Utility Sink Hook-Up Options The great thing about this project is that you can tailor it to fit your needs, with as much or as little plumbing work as you want. The sink in the photo uses cold water from the hose, with the waste routed into the drain for the outdoor shower behind it.

Your main decision is whether your sink will be: Reuse your old kitchen sink! Garden Use Only Sink: No complicated plumbing needed! Then you can use the sink for food prep, washing dishes, cleaning fish, or scrubbing oily grilling tools. Utility Sink Base Options As for the sink cabinet or cart, you have as many options as you have scraps of lumber in your garage! In fact, this project lends itself to continuing the recycling spirit — you can insert the sink into most any base, including: Leftover treated lumber from a deck project is perfect!

Build a simple box with or without wheels, like the one shown here, using scrap plywood for the top. You can also salvage lumber from old shipping pallets or construction tear-outs. You can prolong the life of the wood by painting it with leftover exterior latex paint or water-resistant sealer.

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But if you prefer to iron in the laundry room, consider one of these built-in space-savers instead. Drop-down board It stows in a recessed or wall-mount cabinet. Foldout board This compact board unfolds from behind a false drawer front shown for a seamless look. The Best Basket If You View as slideshow Photo by Alison Rosa Take sorting seriously:

Water backing up into the garbage disposal and then the sink is generally caused by food that is left in the disposal. If you leave food particles in the disposal and then forget about them without grinding them up and then sending them through the drain pipes with a good amount of cold water, these food particles will clog up your drainage system.

I only have one shower and one sink. I do not have a washing machine, dishwasher or bathroom sink. My system is set up to be on-grid or off-grid and to be water conscious. Alright, are you ready? Off-grid means that you are NOT connected to city water and that your system is self-contained. On-grid is when you are connected to city water, such as in an RV park. I have both off-grid and on-grid options in my tiny house, which I recommend for flexibility in parking.

Of course, if you will always have a city water connection, having an off-grid system is not necessary. Freshwater is the water you use for drinking, cooking, showering, toilet, washing dishes, etc.

How to Replace a Kitchen Sink and Faucet