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Click here to see a list of Local Authorities that allow retail marijuana businesses to operate within their jurisdiction. Retail Marijuana may not be cultivated or processed under this license. Retail Marijuana Product Manufacturing: Retail Marijuana may not be cultivated or sold to retail customers under this license – all sales must be made wholesale to Retail Marijuana Stores. If this license class chooses to own and operate a cultivation facility it may not sale any of the retail marijuana that it cultivates except for the retail marijuana that is contained in its products. If not associated with a Product Manufacturer, this licensee may sell Retail Marijuana to other cultivations, stores, or product manufacturers within the Colorado Regulated system.

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Statistics from various official sources show substantial increases. But the limitations of the data make it impossible to know for sure how many of the documented incidents were directly caused by marijuana use. In November , the state legalized recreational marijuana, which allows any individual over age 21 to grow up to six plants and possess one ounce of marijuana.

The law also permitted marijuana retail stores in addition to medical dispensaries , the first of which received licenses in January

Sales of hemp products reached over $ million nationwide in , reports the Boulder, Colorado-based Hemp Business Journal. How Prohibition Influences The Legal System As previously stated, the parasite of marijuana prohibition has been embedded into all Americans for 80 years now.

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The temperature in Colorado in November is somewhat unpredictable, so be on the safe side and prepare for a variety of conditions. The temperature in Colorado in November is highly unpredictable, so use the forecast as a guide, but be ready for anything! Delores Lodging The town of Delores is about 13 miles southwest of Stoner.

The town offers the best selection of lodging near Stoner and is located on the way to Mesa Verde National Park. Delores’ most interesting lodging facility is undoubtedly Dunton Hot Springs duntonhotsprings. The resort thrives on the odd duality built into its very existence, decorating rustic log cabins with lavish appointments and serving fine cuisine out of an old saloon.

At first glance, it would seem that Smokey and Kyle, two new members of — a dating site for people who smoke marijuana created by a Mill Valley resident — could be soul mates.

A successful date overall. But then Dave reaches under his sofa and pulls a pre-rolled joint out of his stash box. And what is… that? A joint of what? Penelope dramatic look away: Had I known you were nothing but a Johnny Blaze, I never would have dated you. Who the hell reads those? I just liked the pictures of you bungee-jumping with your friends!

You looked so… clean and innocent! We were really stoned when we did that. Penelope swigs down her remaining wine, grabs her coat and leaves in a huff. Dave smoking a joint, alone, thinking to himself: Boy, I wish there was a dating site where all the members smoked ganja.

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Guest Author March 4, Coloradans passed Amendment 64 in November , effectively legalizing the possession and sale of marijuana in the State of Colorado, making Colorado one of two places in the world where an adult, over the age of 21 can legally possess and consume marijuana recreationally. Amendment 64 gave the State until January 1, to create the framework and regulations necessary to allow for the retail sale of marijuana.

January 1st came and went rather uneventfully, but stepping back and looking at the significance of that day, it truly is historic. Any adult, over the age of 21 can possess and consume marijuana in the State of Colorado. The law makes no distinction about in state residents versus tourists, in terms of the possession, purchase or consumption of marijuana in Colorado.

Colorado Medical Marijuana Card. In order to be afforded legal protection of the Colorado Medical Marijuana law, qualified medical marijuana patients must register with the state patient registry and possess a valid identification card by submitting a marijuana card application with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

Cannabis and Driving FAQs: How does marijuana affect my ability to drive? You cannot judge your own level of impairment. Any amount of marijuana consumption puts you at risk of driving impaired. Is there a legal limit for marijuana impairment while operating a vehicle? Colorado law specifies that drivers with five nanograms of active tetrahydrocannabinol THC in their whole blood can be prosecuted for driving under the influence DUI.

However, no matter the level of THC, law enforcement officers base arrests on observed impairment.

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We have everything you could desire except for maybe a white sand beach and an ocean to surf in, but who needs that when you have the Rocky Mountains? In recent decades Colorado experienced a couple of distinct population booms which have drastically altered the look of the Front Range and seen the entire I corridor from Ft. Collins to Colorado Springs turn into one vast, sprawling, urban metropolis. They told of the great natural wealth of the area, and a few hearty Spanish ranchers would lead their herds and flocks into what is now Colorado.

Following the early Spaniards came fur traders of all origins, although the French showed a particular fondness for Colorado. The railroads provided work and a reason for even more to come here.

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It should go without saying that northern California has quite a unique and interesting culture, with the cultivation and possession of the valuable plant legal on the state level but illegal on the national. Religious groups also frequently join in the foray by funding private eradication teams as well as attack campaigns that target both the industry and any politicians supporting the industry. But it is also a very well-paying job and thus there is never a shortage of willing applicants.

It is along this highway where every fall countless wanderers come to town in search of work. Some individuals get lucky and find it, making thousands of dollars to fund their next few months of travels in a short time. Others are forced to hitch-hike out of town empty-handed. Yes, the Emerald Triangle may break some, but also makes many others.

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In Colorado, voters will decide on Amendment 64 which seeks to legalize marijuana for adult use, regulating and taxing it similar to the way alcohol is currently regulated. The measure appears to be popular — a recent poll from Rasmussen showed that 61 percent of likely Colorado voters are in favor of legalizing marijuana if it is regulated the way alcohol and cigarettes are currently regulated. But, marijuana legalization is a complex subject. So, to help better understand the issue, The Huffington Post recently chatted with the four authors of ” Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know ,” a book that details the research and conclusions of its four authors:

With recreational marijuana legalized in 4 states, questions about weed’s effect on relationships are doing the rounds. This post from Cosmopolitan brings together the first hand opinion of eight readers on what smoking marijuana does to dating.

The state Supreme Court ruled Monday that a medical marijuana patient who was fired after failing a drug test cannot get his job back. The case has big implications for employers and pot smokers in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana. Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational pot in Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic who was fired by Dish Network after failing a drug test in The court first agreed to take up the case in January.

Courts in California, Montana and Washington state also ruled against medical marijuana patients fired for pot use. Coats argued that his pot smoking was allowed under a Colorado law intended to protect employees from being fired for legal activities off the clock. Twenty-three states and Washington, D. Coats was paralyzed in a car crash as a teenager and has been a medical marijuana patient since , when he discovered that pot helped calm violent muscle spasms.

He was a telephone operator with Dish for three years before he failed a random drug test in and was fired.


It is suggested to transport any cannabis goods in the trunk of your car or truck. The smell of it, actually, is a little offensive to me. Get a concise appearance and avail it to experience improved lives. Wait until the actual rollout arrives.

Given Colorado’s liberal bend when it comes to marijuana, you might think that Stoner, Colorado, is but a joke. But Stoner is actually a real — albeit unincorporated — town in southwestern Colorado.

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use both by enacting laws and by amending its state constitution. Ever since then, people have been curious about how the law works. How much can I buy? Who can I buy from? Before making any decisions, make sure you know how the Rocky Mountain State’s new laws work. It’s also important to remember that marijuana remains illegal under federal law under the Controlled Substance Act and, regardless of what a state’s marijuana laws say, federal law will always supersede.

So far, federal law enforcement agencies have left policing marijuana within the state to Colorado authorities, but it still enforces restrictions on cases of interstate pot possession, manufacturing, cultivation and distribution. Overview of Colorado Marijuana Laws Marijuana possession and sale are legal in Colorado, within certain limits.

All buyers must be 21, and the Department of Revenue regulates all licensing of marijuana establishments. Transfer of 1 oz or Less With No Remuneration:

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