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More Articles June 22, The great outdoors has often served as a source of inspiration for Hollywood. As they trek to Mongolia, they are forced to survive off the land and battle the most extreme weather, from severe snowstorms to desert heat. Meanwhile, National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan documents her journey. The film combines documentary footage of interviews conducted with Simpson, Yates, and Richard Hawking with re-enacted scenes. Driven by sadness and a need to understand his son better, he decides to take the pilgrimage himself, trekking from the French Pyrenees to Santiago de Compostela in the northwest of Spain. The movie features plenty of heartfelt moments, captured against the backdrop of beautiful mountain scenery and ancient architecture. After finding footage of the original expedition, Johnson decided to make climbing the Corcovado Volcano in Patagonia his life goal and, after consulting with Chouinard and Tompkins, planned his own journey. The documentary delivers some significant commentary on the environmental issues in South America, as well as some truly stunning visuals. Alive The Frank Marshall-directed film recreates the true story of the Uruguayan rugby team that crashed into the Andes mountains on October 13, while traveling on Uruguayan Air Force Flight , and their desperate attempts to survive. The film earned generally positive reviews and remains one of the most unflinching portrayals of how far people will go to survive in the dangerous outdoors.

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The flash awakens her. Soon, she will become aware these photos require performances. The child learns she is both object and subject of the gaze. The images graduate to staged tableaux of family life before the same maternal eye, processing connection, longing and loss, as family members grow and travel and briefly intersect again. Older sister Jess stands in profile, breast partly concealed by feeding son Oskar.

Born on June 10, , Katherine Elizabeth Upton is an American model and actress best known for her back to back appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue during and

The actress was acting since in television and film. Keep reading to learn more about her, such as her history, her profession, and her general net worth. Wasikowska has two sisters — an older sister called a brother along with Jess. Wasikowska has experienced living in the home state of Poland of her mother when her and her family lived for a year in at town of Szczecin even though an Australian citizen.

Wasikowska developed a passion, after she was nine years old. She moved to study ballet into the Canberra Dance Development Centre, but she gave up ballet at the age She also suffered from both psychological and physical strain which made it hard for her to dance.

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Mia Wasikowska Alice in Wonderland and Michael Fassbender Inglourious Basterds star in the iconic lead roles of the romantic drama, the heroine of which continues to inspire new generations of devoted readers and viewers. In the 19th Century-set story, Jane Eyre played by Ms. The imposing residence – and Rochester’s own imposing nature – have sorely tested her resilience.

A diacritic – also diacritical mark, diacritical point, diacritical sign, or accent – is a glyph added to a letter, or basic term derives from the Ancient Greek διακριτικός (diakritikós, “distinguishing”), from διακρίνω (diakrī́nō, “to distinguish”). Diacritic is primarily an adjective, though sometimes used as a noun, whereas diacritical is only ever an.

A mainstay of school reading lists, it has been translated into virtually every language. A story with a protagonist whom Bront”e saw as “a heroine as plain and small as myself,” it continues to inspire generations and to influence storytellers. The power of the story and the popularity of the novel have led to a host of adaptations of the book; there have been 18 feature versions dating back to , and most recently in , and 9 telefilm versions.

The team behind what would become the version, Jane Eyre, was motivated to reach a world filmgoing audience while also honoring the novel. Having made a number of movies from or about women’s fiction, I wondered, ‘Why not? Taking on Bront”e seemed like the natural next step up the literary ladder,” adds producer Paul Trijbits. We wanted to move this interpretation forward into the 21st Century whilst maintaining the story’s haunting beauty.

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Email Copy Link Copied In order to be cast as a superhero, one thing is for certain: They don’t give these roles to any regular old schlub off the street if they did that schlub would be very lucky. Each actor is carefully considered for the role to ensure that they found the perfect person to play the iconic characters everyone grew up loving in the comic books.

With all that money, talent, confidence and good looks, they can date anyone they want. In case you weren’t jealous enough of the actors involved in the DCEU for their looks, charm, and money, here’s another reason to turn green with envy:

Music provides a haven for the heart and soul for soldiers, service people, first responders and all those who are giving of themselves to serve others.

Production[ edit ] Wentworth Miller , mostly known as an actor, wrote the screenplay for Stoker, as well as a prequel, Uncle Charlie. It was never meant to be about vampires but it is a horror story. A stoker is one who stokes, which also ties in nicely with the narrative. So, that’s where we begin, and then we take it in a very, very different direction. In January , it was reported that Mia Wasikowska was in negotiations to play India, [8] and in February, Nicole Kidman also entered negotiations to join the cast.

Composer Philip Glass was originally hired to compose the film’s score but was replaced by Clint Mansell. Hitchcock influence[ edit ] In addition to screenwriter Wentworth Miller stating that the film was influenced by Shadow of a Doubt , there are a number of Hitchcock’s themes, plot devices and motifs used within it.

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I’ve seen them all my life. Edith, this is my assistant. Specific deaths, violent deaths. You have no idea what they do. This is your home now.

T im Burtons twist with the movie Alice in Wonderland () reveals dynamic context concerning occult symbolism, numerology, the dualities between the darkness and the light, and the so-called final battle. With the help of screenwriter Linda Woolverton and computer-animators, Burton reinvents Lewis Carroll’s creation as the story of a young woman (played by Mia Wasikowska) who returns to.

We emailed a few questions to Bondaroff and Gelman about the book, and they were kind enough to respond. How did the Pocket Guide to Politics come about? Years ago, I did an event with Downtown for Democracy to get young people to register to vote. They’ve now re-grouped in advance of the upcoming presidential election and approached me to get involved. That’s where the concept of the book came from — a general need for an educational tool Cliff Notes on the subject.

I felt it would help a lot of people to understand politics, to have a guide like this, with contributions from so many downtown artists to make it more visual. What exactly is the history of Downtown for Democracy, and what happened to it up until this point? Downtown for Democracy was founded in by a group of artists who wanted to involve the creative community in the presidential election.

A broad coalition of artists, writers and designers contributed work to support D4D, many of whom are back in to help relaunch the organization. D4D disbanded in , mostly because many of the founders kept the organization going through volunteer efforts during late nights and on weekends.

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She is also prominent in most expansions of the “Wonderland” myths. Alice Kingsleigh She was first portrayed in Walt Disney’s animated feature by the voice talent of Katheryne Beaumont. Contents [ show ] Appearance Alice is a young girl with shoulder-length blonde hair and striking blue eyes. She usually wears a childish blue Victorian dress. She is shown as ghostly pale like many other English people.

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Early life[ edit ] Wasikowska was born and raised in Canberra , Australia. We weren’t always conscious of being photographed. We’d just do our thing, and she’d take pictures of us. She began dancing en pointe at thirteen, and was training 35 hours a week in addition to attending school full-time. However, she credits ballet with improving her ability to handle her nerves in auditions.

Despite her lack of acting experience, she arranged a meeting following persistent callbacks. She had just turned fifteen when she was cast in her Australian film debut, Suburban Mayhem , [19] [23] for which she received a nomination for a Young Actor’s AFI Award. She observed quietly on the set; fellow actor Stephen Curry noted, “We didn’t hear a peep out of her for three weeks, which earned her the nickname of ‘Rowdy"”.

Director Scott Teems, seeking a young actress who bore a resemblance to Sissy Spacek , initially balked at the casting director’s first suggestion of Wasikowska for the role. He had wanted to cast all native Southerners for the sake of authenticity. During the two hours she had to prepare, she watched Coal Miner’s Daughter online in order to quickly learn a Southern accent, and impressed Teems enough to be the only non-American actor cast in the film.

Alice also [is] an observer who is thinking a lot, and that’s similar to how I am. At her younger brother’s Josh Hutcherson request, she seeks out their biological father Mark Ruffalo.

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